As a leading provider of the embedded and hardware design/engineering staffing domain, we strategically partner with our clients and customize various staffing solutions to address their immediate embedded systems and hardware design engineering hiring needs.

We take the time to thoroughly understand our clients' organization, culture, mission, and future products and/or devices. Having this understanding will enable us to develop the most appropriate recruitment strategy to efficiently screen and hire the right talent in a timely manner. 

Our Staffing Solutions:

We provide engineering staffing services to our clients, ranging from start-up to Fortune 100 embedded hardware and semiconductors companies.  Creative Hardware Staffing Solutions offer three types of engineering staffing services:

  • Permanant/Full-Time Placements: We will partner with your leadership teams to develop a recruitment strategy to hire the most qualified candidate, per your immediate hiring needs on a permanent/full time basis.
  • Contengent/Temporary Staffing: We understand how critical it is to keep your product development and design efforts on schedule. Our contract/temporary staffing services will enable you to hire a SME consultant/contractor that can quickly become engaged and meet your organization's product development and design deadlines.
  • Temporary-to-Hire Placements: Sometimes product and design organizations will like to get to know their consultant/contractor before extending an offer for a permanent role. Our temporary-to-hire-placement services will allow your organization to hire a contractor on a temporary basis with intentions to convert to a full-time permanent employee.

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